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Exiff & Héctor

Death book available now!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2009, 4:11 AM
DEATH book Project

Dear Death book -Participants:

Big news!! :)

The copies for the artist were sent a week ago. Please let us know when you receive them. It would be also great to know your opinions about the album :)

Death book is already available to order at nEgoist shop website:…

The copies for artist will be sent on Monday :)

Big thx and hugs for everyone who participated and helped with the project :)

Artists: Ramón Alanis, Dragos Ioan Anti, Funda Zeynep Aygüler, Via-Elena von Braun, Santiago Caruso, Jodi Childs, Alessio Crivellato, Shigenori Ebata, exiff, Katja Faith, Piotr Filutowski, Ashley Fundytus, Cameron Gray, Shawn Hansen, Till Hartmann, Brian Henry, Rudolf Imrišík, indio, JiF, kanadam, Adam Kissel, Ludmiła Kufel, Irene Langholm, Stuart Lawrie, Olivier Lomer, Jeff S.Love, Razvan Maiden, Mylène Mozas, Neoromantika, Hector Pineda, Véronique Portal, Richard Rasner, Steph Ruple, Roxana Sagastume, Gromyko Padilla Semper, Robert Shirley, Dariusz Skitek, Angelika Eleonora Sowul, Alicja Stankiewicz, Sebastian Szczygieł, Victor Tagasa, Andrzej Troc, Ben Ulke, Mariana Palova Urzúa, Cibele Vargas, Wendy Wallace, David Whitlam, Marcin Wiktorski, Bonnie Wood

Best wishes:)

Exiff & Hector



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Artists whose work is not on deviantart:

Rudolf Imrisik himsouls
Marcin Wiktorski

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:

The book should be printed in the A4 size, so beneath you will find the asked data:

Size: A5 ISO 210mmx148mm (vertical or horizontal)
Resolution: 300dpi
Colour: CMYK or RGB without color profiles (no spot color )
File format: tiff or jpg (max quality) or EPS (max ver. CS2)- all files for pc (not mac)


If you have any questions, send an e-mail to me, please.

Best wishes.

exilentia exiff


ionWill After my death I will be in my personal heaven-hell, where all my pleasures and fears will be multiplied.
Imaginative, liquid world without any boundaries or limitations.
Maybe I will stay there forever.... no! nothing ever stay forever. they will give "me" new body, but... it will be not me anymore.
And I will enjoy this sick and absurdal game forever...and also: how would you define "death"?

I myself do not believe in "total death", as coplete evaporation of something. But I think that everything is in constant change, transformation, which never stop. Being part of this transormation is participating in death of some-thing (particular, special physical-spiritual organism)
then: "I" will be somewhere somehow (transformed endlessly), but me as this special being I am now -will be dead.
(death is and isn't - it depend on definition)

vaporiss Death is when you're finally forgotten.

IreneLangholm When I was younger I used fear death, like most people do. After many life experiences, gaining wisdom and impulses, I've come to be fascinated by the subject, not as in wanting to die, but as in wanting to know more about this unknown but inevitable part of our life.
The manner in which one may die, what happens to the body, what happens to the soul, the effect it has on people's lives: it's a grand concept, yet we rot and seep into the earth the same way that any plant or animal do. One can choose to look at that with horror or with beauty. Perhaps even a combination. Rather than fear it, I explore it and all the different aspects around it.

Xazzaxas you can write books on dying, just as you can write them about living.
But death? Love? They do with you as they please. They leave you no choice, they explain themselves not.

There is nothing to be said about death, just as there is nothing to be said about l

ixchell porque dias despues de que moriste ya no eres nada no queda mas que este minimo recuerdo de tu existencia en la vida de todos estos organizmos que hablan, gritan, corren y pretenden razonar.

miffyhorrorshow Working with death to understand life. Death i can get on with, its life that confuses me.

gromyko Death as morbid as it may sound is the same sound i hear when a new life is born...for death is not the end of life, it is the beginning of the immortal phase of the new spiritual life ...of the eternal man.
For those who say that death is a mystical force of an entity i saw that death is a natural phenomena. Those that assume reincarnation, or transmigration of the soul, woe unto you, for the soul never metamorphose into lower forms of life...i laugh and spit on your face by thinking so as i laugh and spit on the face of the image of Benedict who knows nothing of death...Death is a flower springing from the grave, death is the noise before music comes, death is the cloud before the sunshine shows,but death could also be the beginning of torment, the cause of sorrow and the twin of suffering, for death, as with all is a duality of sadness and happinnes. It is the Great Oxymoron of Life-The Life of Death!!!

Jellaboom Death? Hmmm...well I won't know until I get there and then it will be too late to tell you. But I hope it will be...peaceful. No worrying about who's gonna get the stuff I forgot to put in my will. I hope I/we just disintegrate into atoms and become one with the universe.
I am sorta looking forward to my last chapter!

PiNkPaNdA2323 I think what happens after life is exactly what happens before life, nothing. You wouldn't even know it when it happens.

Flockhart Death hides in the shadows, in the small hours of the morning
Loiters in the waiting rooms of hospitals and hospices
Stirs fear in parents everywhere
Puffs out his chest under the burning African sun
Death is washed away by children's laughter
Flees from the bright glare of summer sunshine
Is blown away by a red kite standing on the wind
and the joy in a child's smile
Death resides in a small lump under the skin
or a doctors awkward silence
Death grows with the number of funerals attended
and becomes more visible with the passing of years
Death dissolves in a mothers protective arms
Falls to pieces when lovers meet
Death is vanquished by undiminished love
and holds no fear for the life fully lived
Death is the great void, nothingness no redemption
Death is not being here
Death is the destruction of self
Death is the constant reminder that one life is all we have
Death is dismayed by selflessness and self sacrifice
Death is the affirmation of life
He is a shadow of the living
He is the great reminder of how precious all life is.

Bernardumaine I try to convince myself that death is very similar to sleep...may be that's why I got so much insomnia ...

prolific-stock Death symbolises a variety of things to a variety of people based on certain experiences/beliefs.
You've got the cold and quite cynical thought of "death is the only certainty in life" in fact it's probably more true than any statement I've ever read.. but it does beg the question.. is death really the end? I mean, we're born, we live life, we die - what's the purpose unless there's some alternative existance beyond death?
Surely we're not here just to experience life and then have it taken away from us? The lessons we learn, the mistakes we make.. what good are they if the end is simply darkness/nothing?
They say that those who have passed before us are never truly dead if we keep them alive in our hearts... all these cliches.. I don't suppose anyone would truly understand/appreciate death, unless they've experienced the loss of someone close. The feelings/emotions associated with death vary from person to person.. but I look at it from the nature side.. also known as the circle of life.. things have to die to make way for new life.. the changing of the seasons.. although leaves may turn brown/red etc in the fall, by winter the trees are bare.. but then comes spring - a new beginning, where things begin growing again and by summer it's in full bloom.. only to start again in the fall.
I honestly believe that death is the same.. we're born (spring) we grow/flourish(summer) we grow old (autumn) we die(winter) for the process to start all over again..
Yes, I know some people die before they even reach their 'summer season'.. I can't offer any ideas as to why.. but then that's another question in life..Why?
I have experienced loss, my father passed almost 8 years ago now.. I miss him terribly.. in his physical form.. I miss being able to hug him and the sound of his voice - the smell of his cologne.. things like that.. but I know his presence is around. I talk to him quite often.. I even see him in my son who was born 7 months after my father passed.. I think death is a matter of what we believe.. I certainly don't believe there's some higher being picking and choosing who should and shouldn't die.. when it's your time.. it's your time.. I honestly don't think that's the end of it - you'll get a second, third maybe even fourth chance at life, in a different 'shell' different memories... if death was the be all and end all.. nothing but darkness afterwards - how do you explain the whole notion of past lives or deja vu?
I don't think death is anything to be feared, I think it should be celebrated in the sense it should be seen as a transition into a different life/way of living.....

Flynn-the-cat Death is fond of cats, I believe....

Lobena Dead is nothing but a new begining, we can all speculate as to the where how & why of it. but in the end its a brand new stage of life we are undertaking.
I see no reason to fear death, we may see it as end of our consciousness but it is also an end to suffering, pain & destruction that is brought onto our physical forms. It could be that we evaporate into nothing, but it could also be something more, rebirth. To me these are the only valid choice i can wrap my mind around.
Death teaches us great things in life: not all deaths are bad, life is too short to be unhappy, don't take life too seriously, no one makes it out alive anyway do not take a life carelessly, and do not bring new life carelessly because both affect that life & the world in ways we could never understand

Laki-K those were my first thoughts about death: the memories of my mother, tears, friends gone forever, emptyness.

Kosmur Я думаю смерть это абсолютный конец сознания.В смерти нет ничего красивого. Смерть это сила противостоящая жизни и всегда одерживающая верх.

I think death it is the absolute end of consciousness. In death there is nothing beautiful. The death is force resisting to a life, always winning.

ingvildnilsen Some people are dead when they are alive.....And some people are alive when they are dead.....!

deadlybuterfly La muerte es parte de la vida, tengo muchos pensamientos sobre eso, ya que lo he vivido muy de cerca en varias ocasiones pero en 3 a sido muy especial y extraño.
La muerte para mi es como un sueño hecho realidad todos vamos para alla, tal vez no al mismo lugar pero todos iremos hacia el mas alla algun dia, y mas vale estar prearado para eso. He llegado a pensar que todas las dudas y miedos que tenemos sobre la muerte son infundados porque no le tememos a morir si no a dejar atrás todo lo que ya conocemos para empezar de nuevo en algo desconocido y de lo cual no sabemos nada....

ger696 Learning to live is simply learning to die...Free translation from Leonardo DaVinci words.

Vic4U Death... we encounter it all life long. A try to illustrate : you know, it's like friends, lovers and so on. they are and they just disappear one day. to me, they are already dead in a sense. Regarding real death, I've never been to funerals because I prefer to keep alive memory of beloved. to resume, I just ignore what death is and I'm not affraid about it. we all go there... that's just the way it is.

viaviolet Life... death is life... the death bring life... The most people dislike the death-the prozess of death is not very beautiful... by the decomposition, wich much people find nasty you can notice the life..all the small oganism like bacteria and fungi... and then the formation of new life... in nature aspect
I see the death as a phase of life and not as an end of him...
that is why my first association , when I was reading the journal was life... and after this came oher associations also...

IDeviant A rather prosaic one: the image of the Grim Reaper, scythe in hand, be-cowled.

My feelings regarding death have changed radically over the years. As a child, it was the number one fear. Later, it became something about which it was impossible to think without getting a kind of tightening at the back of the head. Now, I see it as part of a larger cycle and no longer fear it.

There is no doubt that acculturation plays a large part in how death is viewed: the average English funeral is a dull, sombre affair with an emphasis on mourning. How different from an Irish wake!

ume-boshi What can I say about of dead if I'm still alive? well not too much I saw an alcoholic man dying in the street, was the most bloody nightmare in my life... I was 9 years old.

AlMaNeGrA My favorite concept of the death is that one where the death is a friend walking with you at your left side, you talks to him about any thing, but things seems totally different seemed with the death eyes

Joyblack007 Absolutely nothing. I'm not afraid of it. Because absolutely nothing is something else, a new experience seeing that something happens every second of the day.

AnjaMillen Fear, wasted life, end.

StephanusEmbricanus "Death, it's just a transformation" (Nina Hagen)
Thinking about death, I like that metaphoric view and I hope I still like it if I'm going to meet him.

FreeTheCows Well I've never been one to fear death, even as a child!!! I used to go to funerals and never feel sadness... even to this day!! I've always wondered about death and thought a great deal of what it really is!! I used to think it was bad at first; however, as I keep on thinking throughout the years I discovered more positive out comes!! Everything that dies is reused and after I learned about the Gaia theory, which suggests that life and the planet are sync, I believe we are connected!! Death and life are like veins that carry the blood cells, planets and animals, and refreshes the blood of life. I still don't know and wonder if we have a soul and if so what happens to it!!! I have to many questions about death and so many theory that I haven't shared with anyone, just I wish not to scared most people that I know!! I just don't like to corrupt their small happy world!!

DoctorBollocks I think of Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal whenever I think of Death it's the first thing that comes to me

janellemckain When I was a child I feared the dark, I would cry and see ghosts of objects and people floating about my room, the thought of death was very, very frightening. Scared.
As I became a young woman, I watched Death steal away my beloved family – one by one, my Aunts, my Uncles, all gone. Death filled me with loneliness and I became quiet and withdrawn. The finality of it all… I was overcome with grief.
I married and bore children… I was fearful for their safety, I hovered nearby so nothing could take them from me. I was afraid for their safety and their lives… begging death to stay far, far, away from my babies.

The children grow and make their own way in the world. Now, I look at my husband (who is 10 years older than I) and wonder how long we have together. How will I pass the lonely days without my partner? How will he pass the lonely days without his partner should I leave first? A lifetime together gone in an instant.
I am closer to the end – than the beginning. My mother passed away two years ago, my father passed away last year. I stare in Death’s face and say “I am living each day to the fullest, NO regrets – come when you will.” Peace with Death.

chaaaLaLoco Death is something what will happen to everyone no matter the status, age, sex, location..tomorrow in a car accident or agter 90 years while you sleep...but when I think of death it makes me value LIFE. Most people have only 1 chance, so you should do what you like and take as much as you can.

It makes me think of 1 photographer, which name i sadly don't remember..who went to mexico to collect dead bodies and make photos…artistical.

ionWill Impossibility, release, death of ego, life, coldness, lack of sense, humanity, consciousness, astral, reincarnation, unknown, panic.

xxchromosom Waiver, time to reject your life, sometimes abrupt, sometimes somenbody makes an decision (activ or passive), bereaved: powerless, helpless, sometimes they be relieved, angry..
I worked in a hospital.. most of time the death came as a release.

james119 My twin daughters, who were born and died in the first week of February, 2001.

HectorPineda The laboratory experiment with a turtle in university, the accident that I suffered 10 years ago, the memory of my grandfather, my first dog...

exilentia my first associations with 'death' today were: The war in Iraq, my Grandmother, a car accident, a dead bird from my childhood.

Thank you for your support and collaboration. exi-exi HectorPineda




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Next week we are going to send by the traditional mail/post the contracts, which you filled out and sent to us by e-mail. As you already know, you will receive a recorded/registered/certified letter, which means, that you have to confirm with your sign the delivery of the documents. We are still waiting for few contributors, who have not filled in the forms yet. We hope that they will do that soon.:)

We are waiting impatiently for the Day of Publication:)

Exiff & Hector

PS The death collection impressed the publisher so much that he decided to devote his activity to the international new art and even changed the name of the company a few days ago. So, instead of 'nEgo' / the valid name is 'nEgoist New Art' / If you have any idea of a next album or if you want the nEgoist to help you to realize your own project, get in touch with him.:)
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